The World Champion of 2017 in the 6-year-old horses category, FORTINO finishes first in the 7-year-old horses category in 2018 at the first qualification round. The driver is Marie Tischer from Germany who won a silver medal is Kisbér-Ászár, at the Young Driver’s European Championships. They get 7.48 points. The Silesian-bred LOXIA gets the 2nd place with Weronika Kwiatek from Poland (7.11). The 3rd place goes to the Lipizzaner Incitato XIV-48 driven by the Austrian Andrea Dobretsberger (6.14). Only 3 horses qualified for the final, the others could not reach the limit of 6 points. They can try 2nd qualification round.

Made by Ilona Cseh-Lakos and István Vida-Szűcs