The nominated entry is already closed for the 4th FEI World Driving Championship for Young Horses. The organizers are preparing to host the best 5, 6 and 7-year-old horses of the driving discipline and their spectacular drivers. János Janesz, the head of the Horse Breeding Department and the Event Director said, that the operative team puts the final touches at the showground in Hársfa Street.

“We are waiting the Definite Entries List to find out how many horses are we expecting in total, to begin the box disinfection procedure.” – he added.

The grass ring is in excellent condition. The lawn movers are continuously working on it.

The horses owned by the organizer, the National Stud Farm, MEZŐHEGYES NONIUS-14 VEZÉR, NONIUS-20 ZEMPLÉN and NONIUS-10 ZSINAT are training for the competition. “After participating in two training camps, together with Zoltán Nyúl the coach, we are training the horses and working on their concentration and obedience.” – said János Janesz.

Their driver is going to be János Papp, the National Champion of horse pair in 2017. The Event Director also added, that the horses must be in a good psychological condition and in harmony with their driver to fulfill the tasks.

Written by Ilona Cseh-Lakos
Photo: Tóth Endre István
Translated by Zsuzsánna Margit Farkas